G H O S T - Master Complex Hard Surface Modeling with Maya

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Be aware this is a early pre-sale, for now only 50% of the tutorial is recorded but it's already all the most important part about all explanation on theory, workflow, tools and blocking and detailing some part of the character as you can see on the visual. Of course I'll then upload new ones as soon as I record them.

To thank you for your early support you benefit of a -30% from the final price (that will be 100$).

Tutorial Construction :

- It's mainly a "go with me" tutorial. Which mean, we start the project together, nothing is planed, I teach you absolutely all that you have to know to succeed and we jump in. It's not a "robotic well planed academic tutorial".
In a first part before to start modeling I'll free speech a lot about a lot of important subject never discuss like motivation, concept choice, project goal and a lot of topic.
There will be then a preparation phase, where starting on a fresh blank Maya we will custom it and establish our workflow together to handle such a modeling. Then only after 3 hours of video we will starting the modeling phase.

"GHOST is a Tutorial in which I'll show you all my workflow, tips and tools to learn Hard Surface Modeling in Maya. Based on a complex and detailed concept I'll teach you how to choose and handle a project, keep motivation, be efficient, optimize your modeling workflow with scripts and customization and most important of all we will heavily focus on shapes, forms, proportions in order to show you how to have a badass and great looking model!"

I can't know and guarantee for now if we will do the entire body or only the bust part. As you can see the concept is heavily complex and I can't record 1 year of tutorial video. By the way all the knowledge and learning are at the beginning of the tutorial, and the goal is that you're then able to apply this by yourself to finish it. For same reason I can't tell now how long will be the final tutorial complete, but that will be something like +60hrs of video.

Note that it's an intermediate level tutorial, you should at least have basics knowledge on each software (how to navigate, basic modeling tools etc..). Here I'm showing you a workflow, not a step by step software learning.

Maya 2022 - 2023 / Photoshop / PureRef
ModIt Script : I'll use my ModIt script to speed up the modeling. It's not obligated but highly recommended to have it.

- 29 hours first recorded video (9H00 with comment audio in English -13H00 No Audio Practice).

- The final GHOST model (once it's finished).

- Project Files.

- All Future video and complete tutorial until it's done.

Please, for any question or support post on the Discord > #g h o s t channel.


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G H O S T - Master Complex Hard Surface Modeling with Maya

7 ratings
I want this!